As of 6-6-2019, my artwork naming and numbering system has been simplified and changed. Originally I had different versions of the same image named, numbered, and tracked as separate editions, such as “Angelus 22 x 28 canvas print 1/15” and “Angelus 16 x 20 canvas print 1/25”. Going forward, since I work in series, any past or new original that spawns more than one variation of essentially the same image, regardless of size or medium- has the following number system:

The original work is considered “No.1” but not named as such. The next variation of that image is named as “(artwork name) No.2” and each subsequent variation is numbered sequentially from there ie, the third version is “No. 3” and so forth. Each piece of artwork is considered unique.

Variations of the same image are labeled as a “near-duplicate”, or a “close version”, or a “nearly exact duplicate” in their descriptions, and are considered to be variations of the original image. Individual artworks in a series are not necessarily nearly exact or even close copies; they may vary obviously or almost imperceptibly from the original (”No. 1”) in size, substrate, or medium. Since I create these artworks one at a time, often with substantial time in between variations- this new system reflects the reality of my aesthetic impulses, and allows for changes and/or improvements during the creation of a new version within the series..

In addition, there are no more “proofs” in any new or past versions of an image. Originally, these “proofs” as I termed them at the time, were in reality, un-acceptable versions, and were not as such a representation of any “best” version. During my actual process, all un-acceptable versions- whether from mechanical or visual defects- are rejected immediately, and are either destroyed or re-used in some way for testing purposes- but in any case are never and never will be publicly available.

Some of my existing series have now been completed; no new variations will ever be made. Other existing series are still active as projects. Many of the existing series- whether active or not- consist of a small number of variations, which is detailed below. Please check here for the status of any active series, active or completed.

The following series are now completed art projects:

Green Hummingbird, a 12 x 12 inkjet on canvas or paper on a birch panel frame with painted edges. 25 close versions of this image were made.